Upholstery Cleaning

Rest Easy in Clean Furniture

Your favorite upholstered sofa or chair needs regular cleaning or it can become unhealthy, uncomfortable and unsightly, with stains, dirt and allergens brought about by daily use. 

Keep in eat and drink on it, and even when dusting from time to time, we don’t get to all of its nooks and crannies. 

Your upholstery can also begin to show age and wear, and may even rip and tear at the seams, especially at home that populate mischievous children (which all homes with children...).

When that happens, we’re the source for full-service furniture & upholstery cleaning in NYC. We can renew the beauty of even the dirtiest sofa or armchair,as we know the special comfort of upholstered furniture and can make it an attractive and healthy again. 

Individual Clean for All Fabrics 

We use only completely-natural, 100%-organic cleaning products to clean upholstered furniture. These solutions get rid of stains, dirt and allergens. Just as importantly, they help protect your family’s health, your upholstery fabric, and our environment. 

Our highly-skilled, fully-equipped upholstery professionals give every fabric and textile special care and attention.

We match the cleaning products and the tools we use to your upholstery and its pre existing condition. Our technicians can safely and thoroughly clean every fabric without damage to its look or texture, no matter if your upholstery is cotton, silk, leather, micro-fiber, or even suede. 

Your favorite spot on a sofa or chair can be safe and enjoyable again. 

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