Carpet Cleaning

Wall to Wall Clean in NYC

Wall to wall carpeting is often what transforme a house into a home: for you, your kids and your pets. Running around, playing on the floor, enjoying its warmth and feel all year long, gives us a cozy surrounding in which we can relax. 

And since we spend so much time on it - even by simply walking on it - it gets messy and dirty over time. Spilled drinks, dirty shoes, dust and even our dry skin all get down there, stuck between the fibers and making the carpet less comfortable, rougher, giving the entire house an uneasy feel. 

More than that, it enables germs and other trouble makers settle their home on our floor, causing and exacerbating asthma attacks and colds.

As with everything else, the more we use it, the more we need to care for it maintain it regularly.

Healthy Floors From Wall to Wall

Thats where we can help you, with our deep wall to wall carpet cleaning services in New Jersey and the area. We use state of the art tools and technique, combined with 100% organic, bio degradable cleaning products to keep your home clean and chemical free.

Our seasoned expert has dealt with all types of carpet and stains, and can do wonders for your home and living spaces.

We have a complete, always renewed process that allows for the removal of the deepest dirt hiding inside the carpet. We also deodorise - at no further cost - afterwards to give it a lasting fresh feel & smell.

If your are interested in getting your entire home looking, feeling and smelling better - as well as being safer and healthier - call us today for a free cleaning test and consultation in NYC.

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