Rug Cleaning

Clean that Preserves the Life & Look of Your Rug

We offer the people of NYC expert cleaning for area rugs – from traditional Orientals and Persians to unique modern pieces. We have a cleaning process that is both detailed and thorough, while being specifically adapted to your rug’s need. 

Green Cleaning & Results

Using only organic - 100% bio degradable - cleaning materials methods shows our commitment to your family, pets and the environment. Our company, like so many others, has adopted green cleaning techniques to help create a more sustainable and healthier environment for everyone. 

Moreover, it also helps with the preservation of your rug, since its delicate threads are not damage by the harsh effect of chemicals. 

That’s why we are committed to the use of 100%-organic, all-green rug cleaning techniques and materials. 

Is Our Green Rug Cleaning Effective?

Green rug cleaning is a safe, effective clean. We only use totally-green, all-natural cleaning products, manufactured with completely-organic ingredients, to clean the stains, dirt, and germs out of your rug. You receive a superb clean that’s as safe as it is attractive.

Your rug will get a clean, its colors accentuated and its life extended by using the right cleaning products, with the right cleaning methods. 

We can bring you cleaner area rugs and safeguard your family. Call us today for more information about top quality rug cleaning in Manhattan.

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